Even the very smallest thing that we allow in our lives that is not under the control of the Holy Spirit is completely sufficient to account for spiritual confusion, and spending all of our time thinking about it will still never make it clear. Spiritual confusion can only be conquered through obedience. As soon as we obey, we have discernment.

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (Updated Edition), September 14

Thursday, October 18, 2007

God Inhabits the Praises of His People

On our local Christian radio station this morning they played the old Imperials song "Praise the Lord." Great song. My wife said she really loved that song. So do I. I once had a very intimate spiritual encounter with God (while driving on the highway, had to pull over) while singing along with that song. Her favorite verse (and mine) is:

Now Satan is a liar and he wants to make us think

that we are paupers when he knows himself

we're children of the King.

So lift up the mighty shield of faith, for the battle must be won.

We know that Jesus Christ is risen, so the work's already done.

Praise the Lord.

He can work through those who praise him,

Praise the Lord, for our God inhabits praise.

Praise the Lord, for the chains that seem to bind you

serve only to remind you that they fall powerless behind you

when you praise him.

Again, great song. After it, my wife brought up the saying that "God inhabits the praises of his people" and that she wasn't sure where it was in scripture. I told her it was only in the KJV, and that the wording in the NIV gave a different concept. I looked them up on my computer Bible:

But thou art holy, thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. (Psalm 22:3 KJV)

Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the praise of Israel. (Psalm 22:3 NIV)

Different concept entirely. I told her that while it's a shaky proposition to base your theology on only one translation (and not a particularly good one at that), still the tenor of scripture supports the idea, and experience also bears it out. She very much agreed.

We left it at that, but I was intrigued. Later that day I opened up my NIV (the low-tech version, on paper in a leather binding) and looked at the footnote on Psalm 22:3, and there is an alternate reading:

Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.

That not only supports the idea; it intensifies it. And, I thought, it merits further study.

Later in the day I went on a rather ambitious bike ride. Early in the ride I was mulling over the idea that God inhabits the praises of his people. I was considering the evidence: not actually a scripture quote, but supported by the whole tenor of scripture and by experience, and even by reason. But somehow that didn't quite satisfy me. Then, out of the blue, God spoke. Clear as day, and quite clearly not from my own thoughts, he said, "Praise me and see if I show up." I laughed out loud. Two reasons: first, the absurdity of making something as personal as God's presence in response to praise into a theoretical exercise which "merits further study." And second, the warmth of God's presence as I immediately began to praise him.

"Praise me and see if I show up." Great line, God! Thanks for helping me see you more clearly and personally. You are beautiful beyond description, absolutely matchless, and supreme over the universe. I love you.


Anonymous said...

yes. yes. He LIVES in me. and LIVES in my praises. i don't praise HIm enough. teach me, Lord what it is to praise you. amen

Pastor Kirby said...

3 American Standard Version: But thou art holy, O thou that [1] inhabitest the praises of Israel.[ 1) Or art enthroned upon ]
3 Apostles Bible: But You, O praise of Israel, dwell in a sanctuary.
3 King James Version: But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest (8802) the praises of Israel.

I just had our church's prayer chairman call me and ask about this very scripture! She believed that it had been quoted "God inhabits the praises of His people!" but she couldn't find it anywhere in the King James Version or her concordance. I have 'The Sword Project' program on my computer and I quickly found Psalm 22:3 for her! It seems that the meaning has evolved over the years...but as Christian who understand the power of worship, we KNOW that He certainly does "inhabitest the praises of Israel (His people)."

trainedbyhorses said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have answered so well the very thing I was grappling with in preparing to share at a women's retreat. Thanks!

November said...

Sorry - I know this was posted a long time ago, but I had to comment. I was in church this morning and during worship I was thinking of that verse, and I asked myself the same question, "Is that an actual scripture, or is that something that someone just made up and people say it all the time?" And I looked it up online and found your post. I think it's great that God told you to praise Him and see if He shows up! Lol. God is hilarious! I really love it when I'm in a huge roomfull of people and we're all praising God - because it's easier to feel the TANGIBLE presence of God that way. It's like we all bring our watering cans to a big pool and dump them all in the pool and the pool becomes a river that flows around us. Am I making any sense? Anyway, thank you for posting this! ~Krista

HappyCypress said...

I don't normally make comments on blogs but I just have to thank you, Ron, for your blog. I had been wondering about the truth of "God inhabits the praises of His people" for over a week now. I've been looking it up in my palm bible but couldn't find the verse that backs it up in any version. I was beginning to think that someone must have just made it up ( although experience tells me it is true that God does inhabit praise) when, this morning, I just thought of googling the phrase and that's when I found your blog. THANK YOU !!!

RW said...

I am creating some scripture cards for a friend. At our Bible study tonight one gal reminded us that God inhabits the praises of his people. I wanted to include this for my friend but like the others we had a hard time finding it in scripture. My husband and I were about to call it quits when he suggested googling it - and lo and behold you're post was the first one to appear! Amazing how God leads us. Thank you for writing.

Daniel said...

The Lord seems to be striking a chord. Could it be that as we are embattled against dark forces, that God intends to offer us hope and security and comfort as we seek him in worship? The tribe of Judah [the praisers] went first as the Isrealites took new ground.

BParsons said...

Your writing continues to help! Today I was wrestling with the same thing: something I've heard for years but could not find in my Bible program. I "googled" for help, wondering why we quote this. Your comments were the first I found.

Tomorrow morning, I am talking on "Worship and the Church." I hope you don't mind that I quote you; I will mention your name in my sermon. And beyond that, I am going to challenge them to "Praise God, and see if He shows up!"

Thanks for being there!

nederdave said...

Thank you Ron...
I'll give God praise today, for I was yet another preacher in search of the phrase. God + Google = good stuff! :)

Quick story... I'm in the midst of a series on the "Power of Praise". Started last week with "Praise is our weapon" and shared Jehoshaphat's story from 2 Chronicles 20 where God shows up and defeats the enemy after King J. obeys and puts the praise warriors out in front of his army. Also went to Acts 16 where God shakes loose the shackles as Paul & Silas are praising in prison. Powerful Stuff!

So this week was to be on that elusive phrase - "God inhabits the praises of his people" - and just like others have noted... i couldn't find it anywhere! (the KJV's "inhabitest" thwarted my biblegateway search) So I too googled it and found your excellent post. I could especially relate to your impulse to study the matter further rather than just jump right in and enjoy the presence of the Holy One! The rocks & trees (lacking brains) have the advantage in this regard ~ I'm quite sure they've never appointed a study committee to determine whether the waving of branches is really an appropriate method of worshiping their Creator.

So for today, there "ain't no rock gonna cry in my place... as long as I'm alive I'll praise his name" (Luke 19:37-40)

[series online @ www.alamedacrc.com]

Anonymous said...

wow that was exactly what i was looing for. thankyou!

Angel Frederica said...

I am very thankful to God to come by this Psalm 22:3. I do share the word of God with travellers in a mini bus anytime I am leaving for church. I searched and searched for where I could find this written in the book of Psalm a day before Sunday (16/08/09) but to no avail. I did my evangelism no matter what! Thank God I have seen the chapter and verse today. Praise the Lord somebody. From Angel Frederica

chasy said...

What an amazing blessing the internet is, that people's lives can be impacted by a discussion two years after the fact!

I googled the phrase "God inhabits the praise of His people" because I was feeling oppressed and had started to pray "Holy Spirit, please come..." when it hit me that He is already IN me - I do not need to ask Him to 'come'. He is all around me. So then that phrase came to me and I thought, 'wait...if He is already with me, what does it mean that He inhabits praise...isn't He already there?'

I've read a few different articles, including yours (the way yours ended brought tears to my eyes!) and this is my personal conviction: God is always with us - to say that God inhabits the praise of His people is to say that God's presence is felt when we praise Him. It's like sweeping away the cobwebs of the day-to-day stuff we get caught up in so that God's glory can be more clearly seen and felt.

I have a new appreciation for this scripture! I feel like I've been handed a super-special weapon. :) Thank you for writing this post!

chasy said...

Oh my goodness, I forgot to mention the neatest part!! I'm 29 - I grew up with my mom playing the Imperials on RECORDS and I know many of their songs. As soon as you mentioned the title, I knew which song you were talking about and the tune came back to me in a rush! I stopped reading for a moment to see how much of the lyrics I could remember then continued to read. I was delighted to see that you had included the very segment of lyrics I had remembered!! (About the chains!) I sang it right out loud (in a whisper, so as not to wake my husband sleeping next to me) along with the text - it was quite a moving experience and it also brought tears to my eyes. This song will be an anchor for me now. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron. Like others, I wanted to use the phrase "God inhabits the praises of His people" to support a multi-part study titled "Bless the Lord". I too had found Psalm 22 v 3, but wasn't quite convinced reading the NKJV version that it was what I was looking for. Now your blog post has made it much clearer. Thank you and Thank God.
From that study, I have also made up my mind that "Praise waits Him in Zion (my life !)". Psalm 65 v 1.

Cedar said...

Wherever His heartfelt praise is rendered, God always shows up. Actually, He is always there (He says: I'll never leave you nor forsake you), but we feel His presence in a more tangible way, when we praise Him.

R. B. (Bob) said...

I am so grateful to read the blogs and comments of my brother and sisters in Christ. I know that God is leading us into a higher level of praise. The Holy Spirit has been moving me to study and develop a message on praise. Last Sunday I opened at church after our praise team started the service and the Holy Spirit was so present. I had not planned on saying anything about priase but followed His lead and did. When Pastor got up and delivered his message, it was on praise. When I opened I used the scripture "God inhabits the praises of His people", but later, when I went to look it up I couldn't find it and wondered if I was just quoting an old song (I too, listened to the Imperials on vinyl as a young adult...still have the records!). I couldn't find it in the Word and thought about googling it and Ta Da! Thank You, Lord!

Ronnie said...

Hi Ron,
Thanks for that.. Yesterday had an incredible encounter with God in a corporate meeting in Perth, WA. The Glory of God was in the meeting and the prohetic was flowing freely. I had the interpretation to a tounge and it was about Glory and that GOd inhabits the praise of His people. This sentence stayed in my mind all day.. I went to my NKJB today to check to see if such a scripture exists to no avail. Googled and here we are! Thanks, great to read the feedback.
Blessing to you!

C. S. Lakin said...

Very wonderful experience! We try to make things so complicated, and God simplifies it: love me, love your neighbor. Praise me and see if I will not bless you. And it's true, we are the temple of God's spirit. He doesn't have to "show up," he's already here within us. So, by praising him, we link with his spirit within us, the Holy Spirit that intercededs for us and purifies our prayers to be worthy of God's ears.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying this for me. I, along with others thought this was verbatim, "God inhabit the praise of His people." I wasn't suprised because we generally assume things. I'm glad for the reference scripture, Psalms 22:3 and the clarity. Thanks for your post I found via Google!


Anonymous said...

I jus want to thank you for your explaination of this verse. I too have been wondering & thinking all my Christian life that God inhabits the Praises of His People was in the Bible word for word. Couldn't find it in KJV so google & found this site. Love your thinking Praise me & see what happens. May God Bless & Keep you. Hondagirl 1500

Anonymous said...

WOW! Ron just came across your blog, which is now in my favorites, and wanted to thank you for posting it. I will put this into practice and watch God show up.

Thanks so much.

Northern VA

joaneanna said...

Ron, this post is STILL ministering! I, like yourself, had to look up the reference and couldn't find it under "inhabits". That's the way I have always said it. But in searching for the reference, I found your post. I will print it and read it to our ladies "as is" because it ministered to me so (and I'll credit you for the writing). Thank you for seeking God...and sharing your insights with the rest of us.

HisEsther said...

I posted this that "God inhabits the praises of His people" on my FaceBook profile yesterday. Today I had somebody test me by saying, "inside information Lynn? LOL" I Googled the verse and found your link. Thanks for all the pertinent info and sharing your hearts. Glory to God!!! I have a personal experience that goes along with this that was absolutely awesome and eye-opening to me. Many years ago as a very young believer and somewhat of a fanatic :) I had been praising God out loud in my car. When I got out of the car I accidentally slammed my thumb in the car door. Because I was already praising God, instead of screaming and doubling over in pain I began to praise Him out loud even more over and over. This is NOT the so called NORMAL thing to do. It was more of a SACRIFICE of praise!!! Bottom line, the pain immediately left in the process of just praising Him. Talk about a revelation. Wow!!! From that time forward I have always KNOWN that God surely does inhabit the praises of His people. Keep praising Him church. Our God is an awesome God. He most assuredly is.

DyDaddy said...

It seems to me that we spend most of our time "Chasing" after God. I believe from this scripture that He chases after us to fulfill His purposes in our lives when we praise Him.

When we praise Him, He reveals the fact that He was always there, even when we didn't see Him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm teaching a Ladies Bible Study and planing on using this tonight. I was searching for Scripture to back it up, in a hurry, decided to search online, and voila! God is SO GOOD!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

sos said...

Great post; PTL! Thank you for sharing this insight.

Our women's study group has used this verse in KJV and it is a blessing each time we read it.

This psalm, one of the psalms most quoted in the N.T., is the most typologically graphic picture in the O.T. of what happened at the cross. Thus it is appropriately called the “Crucifixion Psalm” or the “Psalm of the Cross.” David was describing figuratively the depth of his suffering; but his thoughts were so shaped by the Holy Spirit as to typify or prefigure, even in detail, many of the actual circumstances of the Lord’s crucifixion. As Is. 53 describes the theological significance of Christ’s death, this psalm explicates the historical event itself.
(New Geneva Study Bible)

Sandi said...

My husband Larry has been looking for the very same scripture for a couple of months. We decided to look online and your comments were the first to come up! Isn't it interesting how God works! We were thinking of the same praise song and knew the concept is in His Word, but couldn't find a scripture! Thank you for your comments. From the other blogs I feel God is trying to get a message across to us about praising HIM in everything! PRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIM all His people!

Anonymous said...

thank you! wow this post has reached so many!
God had big things in mind! beautiful!!

gunit said...

Thank you for your comments! I, too, have had that phrase "He inhabits the praises of His people" for the last week or so. Do you know if there's anywhere else in the Bible where this concept is?

Mitch Malloy said...

Splendid... I love how God answers our questions with a challenge to know Him more!! Thanks for sharing this!!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for this post and finding it. I too was just like the others when Holy Spirit brought this scripture to mind today for me. I am learning to pray more in my heavenly language and since this has become a part of my life, today, just today, this scripture came and I couldn't shake it, I had to be obedient and look it up on my computer and there it was. I began to praise Him because I understand it now that He wants me to praise Him and He will show up. I don't read as often as I should, but I now got it. We should praise Him and do this often.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm teaching on the Holy Spirit on Sunday morning in the adult Sunday School class and I wanted to quote "God inhabits ---"
The concordance drew a blank and I found your post. Isn't it wonderful the way God uses a secular tool to help us studying the bible
Pastor Jack c

Glenn said...

Declare His praise! Thanks for sharing this post :)

pinkdaisyjane said...

Stumbled on this blog post after a google search of the same phrase your wife was questioning. Thank you. Pointed me in the right direction and answered my question!

Sarge said...

Still a blessing in 2010.

airborneseabee said...

I am a Youth Pastor in a small Mississippi town, I have bee on the topic of praise now for over a month. I was asked by the Sr Pastor to preach a Sun morning service. God has not released me to preach on another topic yet. I was going to title my sermon the Replacements based on Luke 19:28-40, and found that even the sun sings it has been recorded at 3 mhz; fro us humans to hear it it had to be amplified at 300 mhz. I began looking for God inhabits th epraise of his people and found this post. Great by the way. Like so many others I got caught up in the search and study and forgot the many times I felt Gods presence in the middle of my praises. Thank you so much for this post and God bless you

airborneseabee said...

I am a Youth Pastor in a small Mississippi town, I have bee on the topic of praise now for over a month. I was asked by the Sr Pastor to preach a Sun morning service. God has not released me to preach on another topic yet. I was going to title my sermon the Replacements based on Luke 19:28-40, and found that even the sun sings it has been recorded at 3 mhz; fro us humans to hear it it had to be amplified at 300 mhz. I began looking for God inhabits th epraise of his people and found this post. Great by the way. Like so many others I got caught up in the search and study and forgot the many times I felt Gods presence in the middle of my praises. Thank you so much for this post and God bless you

Brenda said...

Wow - love how God works. I work for the Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre and am writing a blog on the saints. Was doing a post on prayer and remembered the song and the line "God inhabits praise" but couldn't find it until I googled it and found your blog! Thank you so much - the whole topic is so interesting! I always loved the thought that God lived in our praise and prayers - that we built "His House" for Him! Blessings to all, Brenda

Alicia Rogers said...

I'm doing a study on David and his music soothing King Saul after the spirit of God left him. I was wanting to quote that verse that so many of us have come to paraphrase "He inhabits the praises of His people"
When we practice praising God He is compelled to show up. Not only are we affected by His presence, but so is everyone else. Everywhere we go He goes with us if we honor Him in everything we do. That is why David's music soothed King Saul. Because God was honoring David with His presence and Saul was affected by God's presence as well. "In my presence there is fulness of joy." Ps.16:11
So I think I will praise Him and see if he shows up...although it's been my experience that He shows up everytime.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting how timeless this truth is---how The Holy Spirit continues to bring this verse to the attention of His people. I have been convicted of late that praise has not occupied a large enough space in ny heart. Thanks for the great post.

Kathy F.

Anonymous said...

I too wanted to use the phrase 'God inhabits the praises of His people' and wanted to be sure it WAS in the Bible. I was being a GREAT student researching for some time when my husband suggested that I google it. Voila! Thank you.
What I find most touching about finding this site is that it is BEAUTIFUL to see how many Christians are being faithful to search His Word!
Great help. Thank you, Ron and all of you! May God Bless you.

Tracing Autobiography said...

I stumbled on this blog as I was google searching for that verse. I just wanna say AMEN!

Anonymous said...

4.16.11 - It's wonderful how God is using this to encourage believers all over the world at many different times. The LORD is so great! Thank for for sharing these insights. Seems I was one of many who wondered if the verse was real or "made up."

georgia said...

I was going thru a down time after hearing my son and his wife are separating. I decided to praise God because He said He inhabits the praises of His people - I've heard that quote all my life. Imagine my surprise to find it's not verbatim. I'm 60 years old and have never thought to look up this scripture. I was kind of upset by this, so I decided to keep a step ahead of the devil and rather than give any credence to doubt, do an in-depth study on Praise, particularly as it relates to Gods jealousy for His people. see Exodus 34:14 and Deut.4:24 What an exhilarating hunt!

Anonymous said...

Was doing a Sunday School lesson on singing. Since singing is one form of praise, I thought of the phrase that "God inhabits the praise of his people" and wondered where exactly in the Bible that it was. I felt like I should have known where it was but could not remember, so I looked it up in a concordance and found that it was not there in those words. When I googled the phrase I came upon this post and was so appreciative of what I read. Thank you for your blog.

Gloria S. said...

And tonight 'me too' Couldn' get it out of my mind,had to find,but couldn't then had to google,then I found your blog. God is a wonder! We are blessed to all walk in these steps. I love"try and see." And again in 2011 God shows us His greatness. What a loving God, what a friend.

Mark Taylor said...

This was exactly what I needed today. I, too, was looking for the verse, and I was inspired by your personal story of God "showing up". Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Here it is June 14, 2011 and after searching for the "God inhabits..." phrase, up popped your blog. I wanted to put the thought on my Twitter feed for the day and was puzzled as to where the phrase came from. Now I know. It's lovely to read the Psalm in all the versions available on line, each adding a variation until you get the whole picture. Isn't God great!!

Andi said...

This morning, I was in despair sharing with the Lord that I feel depressed when I don't hear from Him. I am in the absolute financial devestation and was feeling overwlemed the past 6 months over the steady decline of my finances, il now...broke, no gas, loosing my home, out of work still after 100's of applications...so this morning I was really down...'where are you in all this Lord?" "I could endure anything if I just got one word from you"...then, I heard "Praise Him and He will be there." My knee jerk response was, "I'm going through this all of this and you want me to praise?" But as soon as I spoke that out, I realized that He IS worthy of praise for who He is, despite our circumstances. So, joy came into my heart when the word I needed so bad came. I can face all this now.

The Believing Woman said...

Absolutely beautiful...

Evangelist Phil said...

ESV -  Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.
footnote: Psalm 22:3 Or "dwelling in the praises"

Hebrew-Strongs: 03427 bvy yashab yaw-shab'
KJV - dwell 437, inhabitant 221, sit 172, abide 70, inhabit 39, down 26, remain 23, in 22, tarry 19, set 14, continue 5, place 7, still 5, taken 5, misc 23; 1088

437 usages of the Hebrew word translated "inhabitest" in KJV translate as "dwell." We would say that (Gen. 14:7) the "Amorites lived in Hazezontamar." ("dwelt") or, that Lot "lived in Sodom" ("dwelt" - Gen. 14:12). In Gen. 19:1 Lot "sat" in the gate of Sodom. (he could always be found there)

In other words, whoever you are describing in context "could be found" in whatever place is mentioned.

God "can be found" wherever the praises and prayer of His people are active. That is HIS ADDRESS, so to speak.

FURTHERMORE, His activities of redemption, strength, revelation, power to bless--may be seen in the atmosphere where He is comfortable and welcomed: in our PRAISE and our PRAYER. And I believe it.

Esther Joy said...

I have studied that same thought from various translations, and KNOW that when I praise Him, He shows up!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord indeed. Thank you, Ron. This post has been a blessing.

Anonymous said...

this is a blessing : ) thanks

Anonymous said...

Saturday, January Fourteen, Two thousand & Twelve
I was doing a four mile walk around a park in Texas. As I was walking I began to pray to God.
I said to the Lord how I used to praise Him in the Spirit and how I could just believe He would come to me right
away with His presence and filling of His Holy Spirit. I thought I didn't have a right to that anymore because
of sin and wasting so many years of my life when it could have been used better for Him.
Then just briefly I felt deep in my heart the motivated praise I used to praise God with long ago. For just
a short moment, I had a glimpse, a reminder of those times when I praised God with such motivation and inspiration
of His Spirit. I almost cried. Something for just a short moment was stirred deep within. A stirring that hasn't
occured in years. I wanted to hold on to that. That is why I'm writing about this. So that I could remember that
this happenned today. It is possible to believe God for this to happen again and more often in my heart.
Some how over a long period of time I had become so discouraged that I could not see how to worship God like that
anymore. I became weary in well doing, and the praises subsided.
Now I want to bring those praises back. To praise and worship God from the heart with the exuberance and adrenaline
that I worshipped Him with when I was younger! I remember working out in the gym and worshipping God at the same
time. I would get so fired up with that adrenaline and with the worship and praise to God in my heart! It was
so awesome and incredible! I would like to return to that! I came home and looked up the phrase, "God dwells in the
praises of His people" online. And what came up was Rons blog post! Thank you Ron! And Thank you to everyone else
who is searching for God through praising Him. He is worthy!

Anonymous said...

P.S. To add to my previously submitted post about Praising God with adrenaline while working out in the gym:
Deuteronomy 6:5
And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

Leisha said...

And we carry this blessing forward on into 2012! Thank you for this post! Your post and all of these wonderful comments have cleared up so much for me this morning!

Sandy said...

I'm coordinator of an online prayer group and I included this along with my prayer requests this morning.

"One of our worship team members yesterday shared about how God placed it on her heart to praise Him and how her burden was lifted. It made me think of the "sacrifice of praise" so I did a little study this morning and I was blessed by what God showed me. Hope you will be too!

This phrase came to mind, "God inhabits the praise of his people", and I didn't know if it was a verse or not, so I googled it and found: "But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel." Ps. 22:3 (KJV) I was led to a 'blog' begun in 2007 and has been carried into 2012."

I love how God directs us and the blessing we receive if we are obedient....I never do this, but again I felt the Spirit nudge me to share and thank you all for your portions!

Jane VanOsdol said...

Wonderful post! God's word never loses its power! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There is a blessing on this blog...my search for "God inhabits the praises of his people" brought me here. It has been in my thoughts for a couple of weeks and I wanted to know more about "Praises...". To God be the Glory. During praise and worship at church this verse came to me and it was so sweet and sincere and the thought would not leave me...so I praise my heavenly Father Ps.34:1 all day long. I do so while doing my chores,paying bills Lol!!in the car(for sure)in my sleep..etc, etc. Thank you so much for sharing what God placed on your heart. Praise the Lord...RA

yenny said...

I never blog. I must say this is amzaing. I too, as so many others looked for this scripture. I was taught it from childhood. I too thought, maybe that it had been paraphrased or that I am wording it incorrectly. While researching it I know God led me to this page. Ron, I do not know you, but thank God for you and your blog. I am using this scripture tonight in a Worship and Praise Service. I know God shows up when we praise Him (FACT)but I wanted to be scriptural correct. Thank you again and again.

Anonymous said...

Wow I was feeling bla in prayer this morning and just felt to sit and be quiet and then boom I hear "he inhabits the praises of our hearts" I went on a search and found this blog. Thank you Lord that your word is never void it just goes on and on! I will praise you Lord and you will show up! Thanks

OneBigHappy said...

Came across your post while doing research. I have studied this passage at length in the past. NIV (which I use) is weak here with the idea of "enthronement" psalms influencing the translation. I don't want to get into the details, but it is, in my opinion, off base to some degree and overly reliant on some extra biblical sources. The idea in the passage seems to be more about the "manifest" presence of God in the context of worship. Worship is "like" a house that God would like to live in, even though God can't be contained in such a way in any literal sense. Nice post. Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Today at choir practice we rehearsed a song that moved us into a total place of praise I could not sing anymore then I felt the Lord hug my heart (inner spirit) but it literally felt like hands gently hugging my heart. Then praises got stronger and stronger,
In the midst of this I received "God inhabis the praise of his people. Just like everyone i went to look for it and came across this blog . Thank you Jesus! But that was not all, for the past wk the enemy has been trying to afflict my body so as the praises got strong so did the oppression finally my spirit cried out yes to the Lord and all sickness left Praise His holy name!
What i learned that where the Lord is the is liberty (freedom from sickness). He truly dwells in the praises of his people.

Anne Cisz said...

Thank you so very much for this post! It brought clarity and confirmation for me! Thanks, and may GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!! :)

Ray Ranieses said...

Awesome! I will be leading worship tomorrow and was about to use this verse! I found some other blogs that talks about the inaccuracy of what this verse really means based from a translation from its original Hebrew version. But truly your simple blog but yet profounded with the truth shed light in this dilemna! Thank you brother! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

My God yes, Me and one of the Elders. Was talking about this @ Church yesterday about the Inhabiting and what is tie to it..which is a Sound that God wants to hear so He will show up...thanks for posting!!!! #I LOVE IT

Lyla Grace said...

I don't believe that it's by coincidence that God has brought so many people to this post, for the same or similar reasons, and in the same manner. It started with a thought. Where did the thought come from? It became a desire to know more about God inhabiting our praises - God prompting us to action. It brought us to an answer. If and when we praise God, He shows up! The answer required us to search (It wasn't in the concordance). God wants us to seek Him first. I believe that God is speaking to all of us, wanting our attention, wanting to touch us in a great and powerful way, wanting to walk and talk with us, wanting to dwell WITH us, wanting to share himself with others through us (I have never commented on a blog post before either). He is guiding and directing our path. As I was reading the comments to this post, tears started flowing and the familiar song "He touched Me" came to mind. I don't remember when I may have heard it last, but believe that God was touching me.
Quite a few months ago, I was praying while driving to work and asking God to show me clearly His will. I asked Him to draw me a picture and point to it. I didn't drive far until I got behind a truck that had a decal in the back windshield that said, "I am an Extoller", with the T being a cross. I hadn't seen the truck before, nor have I seen it since. It was God's almost immediate answer to my prayer. All these months later I am learning that I need to ALWAYS be praising Him. I know that scripture tells us to pray without ceasing but I think that prayer and praise go hand in hand.
Thank you Ron for sharing and for all who have commented. God is at work. Many blessings, Karen

schultzes5@yahoo.com said...

I don't know who Ron is, but thanks Ron!

I just finished a sermon on this topic on Sunday (11/11/12); & 2 days later, I find myself praising the Lord & the verse "God inhabits the praises..." comes to mind. I did not use Psalm 22:3 in my sermon, but wondered where this verse was. At first, I had troubled find it, because I don't use the KJV.

Here are some other verses to help you believe, practice, & experience the Presence of God through praise:
2 Chron. 5:11-14
Eph. 5:18-21
2 Chron. 20:1-25
Isa. 61:3
Acts 16:22-34

God really does inhabit the praises of His people! Pastor Gary

Martha said...

2013 and I found this post. If you decide to praise God to get Him to do something, to give you a feeling of Him, it's like treating Him as an ATM machine. Put in the correct code, (praise) and get cash (He comes). Notice how the last sentence started:
'I'. All emphasis is on my actions in making Him do something. That's why He died because we, in and out of the church, are in a constant state of sin - we can't escape it.
Does He desire to hear our praises? Of course, from all of creation. But it is repenting 24/7 that we truly show our praise. Not in condemnation of ourselves but in recognition of what He has done, is doing and will do. All attention on the Lord God the Father, the Son Christ and Holy Spirit, not on us. That is truly praise and strength to do this comes from Him as I cry out for forgiveness.
It's not an 'I give' & 'He must' attitude prevalent in churches-that is anti-what Christ did.

Anonymous said...

And still in 2013 this blog post continues to bless. That in itself is a testimony to the power of words. How much more can our words of praise be used of God? Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

Margaret Lukasik said...

Great Article! And thanks, I wanted to articulate the truth of Psalm 22:3 for a Bible lesson. I've experienced the power of this verse many times but wanted more understanding. Your site made it come alive in Words beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne said...

Hi all, I also Googled it and found this, wanting to make sure my 'quote' of scripture was accurate and not finding it in the exact wording from my bible search.

It is God who inhabits the praises of Israel (and by a covenant promise, us, His people). It is not like an ATM machine. It's like a law, gravity for instance = it is what it is. When we praise Him we get the blessing of the awareness of His presence = i.e. a Spiritual law.
Which also goes along with Seeking Him and finding Him. We get a great blessing because of a great God who's first and most important commandment was to LOVE Him. (and in that loving Him comes the repentance from our hearts, not the other way around)

Thank you Ron for this 2007 blog post and thank you all who have posted since then. Indeed this is a blessing.
Love Him with your whole heart. Show it in your praise and He in turn shows how much He adores you (us).

Like Moses I long to see His face but no man may see God or he will die, so I wait and until then I am content to feel His mighty arms around me and the fullness of joy that comes from pouring out my heart in worship to Him.

Thank God for our ability to share with one another truths that supersede the frequent limitations of language and the written word.

This Truth comes from His heart and is a gift to us.

Pam said...

So many years after you wrote this, may I share one more thing? I teach dancing at a very small Christian Dance School at night, and we attend a Christian Dance Conference in North Carolina each year. One of the teachers at the conference quoted the version which says "God inhabits the praises of his people" and mentioned it was the only version that puts it quite this way, but also referred to one which says "God sits enthroned upon the praises of his people"...but the point she wanted to make was that the word interpreted "praises" in this verse specifically refers to spontaneous praise as opposed to repeated or learned praise. In other words when we sing a praise song we have memorized, that would not be "spontaneous" praise. Or in our case where we perform a praise dance we have learned, it would not be spontaneous in the truest sense. So she went on to say that if you really want to feel the presence of the Lord, just begin to praise from your heart...and see what happens. She put on a piece of music the kids had not previously heard, nor I as the only adult actually participating in the class at the time, and she told us to simply dance our praise. You can't begin to imagine the feeling within the room among the participants and the spectators as well. Phenomenal. I wish I knew more about tracing words back to their original Hebrew. But thank you for this posting from so long ago that I found today.

Kris said...

Great post! I'm studying the different Hebrew words for praise right now, and like so many others who have posted here, couldn't recall exactly where that oh-so-referenced scripture was - about God inhabiting the praises of His people! I found it, but was also prompted to read your post. I just love the sweet ways He reminds us to just try Him and see how He shows up! :)
By the way, the study of "praise" is so interesting! The Hebrew word for praise in Psalm 22:3 is the word "Tahila" which is more of a spontaneous song of the spirit; it is also the only type of praise that He does enthrone Himself upon /or inhabit. So awesome! The mysteries of His Word are amazing!! Bless you for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

I woke up and prayed for someone and felt the Spirit lead me to tell her to listen to worship music and sing praises to Jesus, He inhabits the praise of His people. I also googled the words to find the scripture reference and found this blog and believe through it the Lord
has confirmed to me that I am supposed to tell her. Thank you Father for your faithfulness, I worship and praise You Lord!

Beaucaire said...

I remember the Christian TV station in the 70's (PTL - pre-TBN) using the phrase "God inhabits the praises of His people" a lot and never did look it up until today. Thank you Ron for explaining its origins. It's funny because in the last few years I feel like I have personal revelation from God on the power of praising God in and for all things but then I remember phrases like that from my childhood and the books by Merlin Carouthers (who recently passed) on praise and realize that this is an old truth! (Older than the 70's actually - it's all over the Old and New testaments!). Anyway, I agree with the post that we need to be careful about why we praise. We praise to give honor and express trust in our Maker, not to get joy or peace (that's just a side benefit). I thank God for your comments everyone.

friend said...

2014 it blesses.

friend said...

it is still blessing folks in 2014

groover3264 said...

My niece is hurting over the death of a dear friend and the Imperials song has been playing in my head from when I first heard it in the 80s. I wondered about the phrase, God inhabits praise, but didn't pursue it until I just read the phrase in a Christian novel by Bodie Thorne. So, like many others I searched. Thanks for sharing Ps 22:3. I knew God inhabits praise was true, from my own struggles over the years. You could say I lived out your words..I tried it (praising him) and He has shown up many times.
Did you expect that your entry from '08 would still be blessing almost 6 years later?

Shelia MDM said...

The Word is Alive and Active. Praise God! Thank God that He gives ear to the praises of His people unto Him. I love His PRESENCE. God is WONDERFUL!!! May we His people continually give Him the Praise that is due His name that He may continually stay enthroned upon our praises. It is awesome to be in His PRESENCE. So much peace, joy, love, rest

Anonymous said...

Wow, like others, I also googled the scripture to get a reference for use in a message. Blessings to you for your God-given insight on this matter. So, here it is in 2016 and the impact of your explanation continues. The word of God is eternal, and its influence everlasting!!!

Anonymous said...

I am preparing to minister tomorrow and this just blessed me. I love it, "Praise God and see if He won't show up!!! Still good in 2017.